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Madelaine Gomes | Member Spotlight

Founding Member of WomenH2H, Doctor in Metaphysics, Mindset and Business Coach, helping clients to succeed in their Careers, Business, Relationships, Health and Money.


I am a widow for 20 years and a mother of a 22-year-old Son, Alex and two gorgeous doggy babies. I love researching self-development and ancient information. I write self-development and professional development programs that assist people to step into their full potential and become conscious about their thoughts and actions as well as the effect that they have on others.

I am a nature and animal lover and feel very at One with them.

I am a Doctor in Metaphysical Science, Mindset Alchemist, Executive Business Coach and Pranic Energy Healer. I was a Director of a Top 10 Company for 20 years that developed and employed truck drivers, general labourers and office staff. I partnered with CEO’s, Directors and Leaders to take over their Staff and Manage them on their behalf successfully.

I am now the Co-Founder of M&M Visionary Business and Brand Alchemy where we focus on nurturing the Inner Architecture of the Business Soul. We let business wisdom go viral and through business coaching and teachings and help people in their personal and professional growth to succeed.

I am a permanent student and I’m always busy with a project or learning something new.


When it comes to the role of women at work today, what inspires you and what keeps you up at night?

We enter the Era of Feminine energy after Centuries of being subjected to harsh Male Energy where women had to fight to exist, have a vote or to be in top positions. 

We as women are bringing a nurturing aspect to the business space which is needed to inspire others to step into their potential and become successful.

What’s your goal around that and why is it important to you? Why is that a priority for you right now?

I Coach women to step into their Inner Strength and use their Wisdom and Femininity in the Workplace. It is also important for them to have a balanced life between their home and office. I also teach them to be inspiring Leaders instead of competing with male colleagues.

What are the biggest challenges you’ve personally had as a woman at work? How did you try to overcome them?

I have been the Director of a Top 10 Company for 20 years and was the only Executive woman in sight for a long time. I also had mainly men working for me, truck drivers and general labourers and partnered with major Companies CEO’s, Directors and Leadership Teams in Business which was male-dominated at the time. 

My biggest challenge was for the men to take me seriously. I had to be very firm, instill definite boundaries and could not allow any grey areas in my personal or professional life. It earned me the respect that I needed to succeed.

Who or what would have made it easier? What do you wish you would have done then?

I wish I knew more women in Power, to network with and for support but at the time there were not many and the ones that I met in other professions saw me as competition.

Many women are overwhelmed by the constant changes at work, frustrated with conflicts or disheartened by office politics, drama and draining emotions. What have you done in the past to help you get through such moments?

I have created winning Company values, policies, culture development and created accountability buddies within departments and Companies. This helps the women to learn more about each other’s personalities, culture and creates respect amongst them for each other. I did not tolerate drama or uncalled for office politics.

Who do you follow on these subjects? Are there authors, influencers, leaders, sites, blogs you follow?

It all starts with Personal Development as you bring YOU into any environment and your development shows in your behaviour. I follow various Leaders depending on what’s involved at the time in my business or life. I am now at a stage where I follow my own intuition and lead.

Do you participate in other women groups or communities? What have you seen work in such communities and what was missing for you?

I did join Groups for a while until I went off the radar for a couple of years due to a traumatic experience. What works is an aligned vision and values that form the guidelines for success. 

Mutual Support and Respect without competition will form a solid foundation that allows everyone’s Star to Shine Bright!

Why is it important for women to be surrounded by other women and what is the role we play in each other’s lives?

Women play various roles all at once. This can become an internal battlefield of priorities, guilt, relationships and outcomes. To be surrounded by like-minded women, will offer emotional support when needed and put some clarity on certain issues like feeling guilty towards your family or relationships. 

Together, Women can change the future of many people and bring attention to topics that need change.

What activities could we do so that we master together how to get back our zest, thrive on change, lead with grace and confidence and co-create the beautiful workplaces we all long for?

Knowing yourself, is your biggest gift to yourself! 

Self Development programs that will enhance personal understanding of self, confidence issues, self-doubt, negative self-talk, and other topics that will allow women to step into their wisdom and Inner Strength.

I would like to see Continual personal and professional growth for all and projects that help others to do the same.

How do you see your role in building this community? And is there anything else you want to add that you think would be helpful for us to know as we are building this community?

I feel very honoured to be part of this Community and would like to add as much value to the Community as possible.

I would like this Community to take on issues that need transformation in people as well as in the world and in the workplace to bring birth to positive change for all.

This Community was just born which is so exciting and exhilarating as we are changing at the moment as well as humans, and I believe:

WomenH2H has a chance to create something unusual and new that everyone just dreamed about in the past but will now become real.

👧 👵 ️👩🏽👩🏿👳‍♀️ 👩🏾 👩 👩🏼 👱‍♀👩‍🦰 👩‍🦱, apply to join our global community of women.

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