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WomenH2H is a global heart-centered community of women influencers and changemakers mastering together new approaches to work and co-creating vibrant waves of human energy leading the way for the evolution of our workplaces and the betterment of humanity.



How we approach work and how we lead, learn, and listen in the workplace has a profound and direct impact on what we breathe, drink, eat, build, produce, how we heal, play, and evolve together, on the quality of our lives now and for future generations.

Integrating life, joy, balance, meaning and wonder in the workplace are about:

Embracing work and business as personal and spiritual, an expression of our human essence and our legacy on this Earth.

Mastering the practice of systemic health, well-being, wholeness and interdependence in personal and work lives.

Balancing and integrating seemingly opposite aspects such as feminine-masculine, data-intuition, power-love, thinking-feeling, planning-emergence, results-impact.

Developing organizational practices which tune into purpose, tap into collective intelligence and maximize wisdom, resilience, self-leadership and meaning.

Building beautiful workplaces and collaborative partnership opportunities founded on authenticity, co-creation, interdependence and trust.

What about you? What do you believe in? How do you embody that each day in your personal and work life? 



Evolution of our workplaces  and betterment of humanity by integrating life, joy, balance, meaning and wonder back in our work.


Women will play a  critical role in infusing intuition, compassion, empathy and inclusion in the workplace and we need to support each other in living up to this mission.

By braving beyond personal and local community beliefs and structures without judgement, we will create space for unpredictable new possibilities.

New knowledge, practices, courage and trust will emerge out of the heart-centered way of listening, connecting and collaboration of kindred spirits with seemingly diverse beliefs.

Like a musical improvisation, this new wave of human energy will unleash qualities unknown now to us, making it more powerful and influential than our current contributions.

By embodying these new qualities, we will bring them back to our lives and workplaces, local communities and support structures which will fuel further impact.

What about you? Does your work contribute to the evolution and betterment of humanity? Do you share our dreams? 



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$ 24.99 / Month
$ 249.99 / Year

A Heart-Centered Circle of Trust and Exploration for Women Influencers and Changemakers fostering powerful connections and opportunities for scaling personal impact and influence, provoking conversations which woven together harness the power of our collective intelligence.


Coming in 2021

A Base Camp for Women Influencers & Changemakers for Systemic Collective Learningdesigned to remove energy blockers, foster a healthy changemakers’ mindset and unleash full-spectrum mastery and wellbeing so that we lead with grace and live the life of their dreams.


Coming in 2021

An Entrepreneurial Ecosystem where diverse stakeholders synergize, incubate, and accelerate opportunitiesbased on virtuous, heart-based relationships and a sense of connectedness, thus co-creating vibrant innovations, positive global impact, beautiful workplaces, healthy prosperity, and abundance.





Work is sacred. It is not just a way to earn money or gain power, though it may result in both. Work is a vehicle for testing out our gifts and talents and using them to explore their meaning. Work is a process of self-expression, trial and error learning, creativity, and risk taking. No matter what kind of job we have, work always has these potentials. Work is spiritual. It is a place where we have the opportunity for spiritual growth. Often these opportunities come from the “how” of the ways we do our work rather than the “what” of the work itself. Regardless of what our work is, we can enjoy it. And it is most enjoyable when balanced with other aspects of our life and not a tyrant.

What do we know at this time? We know that at no time in history have women had a better opportunity to influence the direction society is heading and to build a better world.

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