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Katalin Allen | Member Spotlight

Updated: May 13, 2020

Ambassador of WomenH2H, a Teacher, Life Coach, Leadership and Innovation Consultant, Serial Entrepreneur, Human potential Strategist, Change leader and a Solopreneur at Katalin Allen & Associates Inc

Fun Facts & Highlights

  • Katalin lives in Halifax, Canada with her husband of 44 years.  

  • She grows organic vegetables/fruit trees, maintains herb and flower gardens, enjoys physical fitness and outdoor activities. 

  • Her four grown children and four grandchildren (so far) are her pride and joy. 

  • Her focus now is to share her many skills and accumulated experiences with the younger generations to co-create a better world for future generations.


Katalin Allen is a teacher (B.A. Hons. B.Ed. M.A.T.) life coach, leadership and innovation consultant, serial entrepreneur, human potential strategist, change leader with a passion for a holistic lifestyle and lifelong learning. 

She has designed the GIFTS™ (Global Innovative Focused Talent Services) skills-based coaching/training/facilitation learning program to respond to the greatest challenges of our time: Systemic Disruption.

The GIFTS™ program helps individuals, businesses and organizations to shift quickly, effectively and holistically to the next level of development when everything falls apart. The program's motto is:

LEARN, LEAD, LIVE at the innovative and sustainable edge of change!


When it comes to the role of women at work today, what inspires you and what keeps you up at night?

I champion, inspire and empower women to become entrepreneurs or intrapreneurs in organizations, maximize their innovative talents to create health, wealth and fulfilment in their lives, families and organizations while learning, leading and living at the sustainable edge of change, for the benefit of ALL! 

What keeps me up at night is how to have the greatest impact:

1. With my GIFTS™ leadership and innovation learning program specifically designed for this transformational time we are experiencing now. 

It is a multipurpose, ground-breaking, multifunctional learning program with extreme time and labor saving functionality. It is a user- friendly success strategy tool that can be used/practised individually and in groups to dissolve imbalances of health, power and wealth. 

It contains tools for innovation, creativity and positively moving forward individually, organizationally and in all levels of society. A strategy, a methodology and a learning tool for the systemic changes that can be used again and again for different situations all throughout life. 

It’s purpose is to enhance the way we work, collaborate, co-create and live on planet Earth. It’s all about new ways of thinking and achieving success, finding quick but sustainable solutions for any small or big challenges, bringing each individual’s talents to the fore, tapping into the collective intelligence, designing products or services that are beneficial for ALL.

2. To publish my book asap that many people for years have been asking me for.

  • This book is for those who dare to think and act in ways that are fully holistic, fully talent and human potential oriented, fully results-driven in powerful positive actions for the benefit of mankind while respectful to mother Earth.

  • This is a personal story, a distillation of 30+ years of personal and professional development, some hard lessons learned, as well as a strategy, a methodology, a learning and innovation tool to lead at the innovative and sustainable edge of change. A key to the systemic transitional changes of our times. It helps dissolve outdated thinking, resistance to change, blasting self-serving comfort zones, crutches of defensiveness in face of change and co-creation of prototypes for the greater good.

  • Application of the concepts naturally is a process that will depend on people’s ability and agility to integrate and lead the change. You can read it in 2.5 hours, but it is truly a lifelong practice of learning, leading and integrating it all into your everyday life.

What are the biggest challenges you’ve had? How did you overcome them?

I've always been ahead of my time in thinking what’s coming, what needs to come and speaking out about it. I was ignored, my ideas were discarded and rejected all the time. 

How did I get over it? Well, I didn't because I never ever give up. 

Instead, I become stronger than ever, thinking and acting always at higher levels of consciousness. And that takes a lot of inner work. But that’s the only way… 

In the meantime, I write my journals and poetry and teach students who listen. I also took courses, attended conferences and joined leaders in the field of personal and organizational development. 

Who or what would have made it easier then?

SUPPORT and regular communication with other like-minded people. 

After the different conferences, everyone went back to their own little cocoons. 


Finally, THE TIME IS HERE AND NOW TO CO-CREATE. It’s beyond collaboration.

What have you done in the past to get through such moments?

Relying on my own head, heart and hands, while connecting every day to my Higher Self, my spiritual guides, Higher Energy, whatever you wish to call it, but having a spiritual practice every day all my life and consciously turning every negative thought around…making lemon-aid from lemons with a never give up attitude. Going to conferences, presenting at conferences, taking courses in global leadership responsibility…all helped.

Are there authors, influencers, leaders, sites, blogs you follow?

I personally met and have contacts with many people from the Presencing Institute, Otto Scharmer, Arawana Hayashi, Deepak Chopra, Bill Torbert, Bob Stilger, New Stories, Integrative communities and ventures, Art of Hosting Community, Pema Chodron, Nina Simon, Bioneers, Sage Colleges, Integral Institute, Jack Canfield, Speakers, University professors, Meaning Conference (UK) participants, Next stage radicals, Teal for Teal, Integral European Conference (global), Young entrepreneurs, Women entrepreneurs……to name a few... I could write pages here…

Do you participate in other women groups or communities? What works there and what's missing?

Yes, I’m a member of many other women groups, mostly entrepreneurs but all seem to push their own product or service and the co-creation is not there. I’m also the organizer of Women Business Owners Leadership Master Mind Meetup.

What works in these communities? 

  • The feeling, the experience of being together, letting go of old patterns that no longer work, participatory exercises…(Now, we must rethink it and do it online). 

  • Sharing our stories and really listening to each other, giving feedbacks works.

We all want to have the experience of belonging and being fully human in safe places and with safe people.

What’s missing? 

  • The support, the mentoring I need in someone reading my book, getting feedback, publishing and monetizing it. 

  • Plus, I need to deliver my transformational leadership and innovation, so I’m engaged and energized by giving.

What is the role we women play in each other’s lives?

The role we play or would like it to play are supporting each other in our own endeavors, getting and giving feedback, encouraging, inspiring each other.  (It has been the case already in the WomenH2H community, for which I am immensely grateful!)

What could we do to get back our zest, thrive on change, lead with grace and confidence and create the beautiful workplaces we long for?

I have been a serial entrepreneur, working from home so that I can raise my children, make healthy meals, grow my own food (given what’s possible in our climate. Working alone was VERY hard, and often wished to work in a community, so I went back to teach in schools 2-3 times throughout my working life, but never gave up my entrepreneurial endeavors or the school community. 

Not being part of a community was the hardest. I believe women could thrive with their entrepreneurial endeavors but definitely need mentors and a support system.

How do you see your role in building this community?

I can do my GIFTS™ participatory leadership and innovation workshops (Challenges, Future, Purpose, Values, Self-care, Your talents and Stories, Feedback and Emergence of new ways of moving forward: Ideation, Co-creation, Innovation) This series of workshops allow participants to work together on issues that truly matter to them and support each other as they create new ways of working and living that’s beneficial for ALL. We will only know what will emerge, at the end of the workshops. It is open, ended: 

We are literally creating the future as we put our heads, hearts and hands together.

👧 👵 ️👩🏽👩🏿👳‍♀️ 👩🏾 👩 👩🏼 👱‍♀👩‍🦰 👩‍🦱, apply to join our global women community.

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