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Member Spotlight | Dayu Dwirani

Founding Member and Ambassador of WomenH2H; Trainer, Facilitator, Coach; Financial Advisor; Founder of

Fun facts

Working with so many different people really interests me. Seeing them grow over time fulfills my calling. For me, it is truly great fulfillment as a Life Coach, that I can help people by empowering and inspiring them to do the necessary steps to get their happiness. In parallel, being part of the transformation at the company I work for gives me moments of happiness. 

I enjoy spending time with my family just by going out together even only for lunch or dinner. For the "me time", I usually read books, listen to good music, or watch my favourite movies.


I grew up in a small region of Riau province, in Sumatra Island, west part of Indonesia.

I earned my Bachelor's Degree at one of the universities at Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia. I got inspired into becoming a Trainer after having a role as Assistant Trainer at one of Training Consultants at Jakarta. I had the opportunity to change roles as a Regional Trainer for five years back at the Riau province after joining as a Trainer at Jakarta for almost two years at one of the best Insurance Company in Indonesia. I moved later back to Jakarta and took the role of Professional Financial Advisor enabler. I helped a lot of my participants become Professional Financial Advisors who are ready to serve the society. 

I got to travel to almost all the big cities in Indonesia and met new people from different cultures. Just when I started to pursue my passion as a Coach, the pandemic hit the world at the beginning of  2020. As if it was the calling of being the cause of greater good to the world. I provided Coaching sessions for my participants, as well as people outside of my work circle, the majority of them being women.


When it comes to the role of women at work today, what inspires you, and what keeps you up at night?

How women successfully juggle between work life and personal life is inspiring for me. As I am living the same life, a full-time Trainer at the company where I work, a full-time mother of my three beautiful kids, and of course a full-time wife. As I once heard a word of wisdom, staying in a balance between those roles, is like maintaining multiple plates in your hands. Just like the Padang restaurant's waiters are doing that when they are serving their menu- without dropping any of them because each of them must be treated accordingly as delicate as a plate. What keeps me up at night is how to be better at all of the roles.

What's your goal around that and why is it important to you? Why is that a priority for you right now?

What is important to me is being a better person every day, be the best version of myself, in every area that makes me happy. This is my lifetime goal, it doesn't end on a particular year. It even includes how I have to prepare my next chapter of life, the "afterlife". 

By doing what? 

I believe that the best person in life is the most beneficial person to others.

I want to make the best of myself so I can be as beneficial to other people as I can be.

What are the biggest challenges you've personally had as a woman at work? How did you try to overcome them?

Hmm... I think one of the biggest challenges I've had as a woman at work is having to prove to my male leaders, that as a woman, I can do as much as them. You know how sometimes, they might underestimate you. That's what happened around the time when I got transferred as a Regional Trainer. I just had my first child, so I took the challenge to move to one of the regions where have always been male trainers before me. So what did I do? I just fulfilled my responsibility there. Maybe they thought that because I am a woman, and a mother of a young baby, I will have so many excuses for not doing my job. 

Reality is not how they may picture it. Just prove them that they misjudge you.

Who or what would have made it easier? What do you wish you would have done then?

To me, there is no person to blame. I am grateful that all of my surroundings (family, colleagues) have been so supportive of me.

Many women are overwhelmed by the constant changes at work, frustrated with conflicts or disheartened by office politics, drama, and draining emotions. What have you done in the past to help you get through such moments?

Oh yeah, drama. Where actually can we find any workplace without any hints of a little drama? It is what makes you rich in experience, and makes you realize who you don't want to become.

Just like your statement in the question, it's draining your emotions. I would not let myself have that, because if I let my emotions drain me, I would not meet my family in my best version, I will get angry with my husband, I will get angry to my kids, and it's not fair to them. So, I just let it go. 

I just do my part, and let go of the rest.

We can't control the drama queen or king right?

Who do you follow on these subjects? Are there authors, influencers, leaders, sites, blogs you follow?

I have to say I follow my prophet Muhammad PBUH. He is the most perfect example of how to live your life at your best. Never get angry because of something, someone. We as humans are to live under God Almighty's decision. And as for the closest influence, I will say... I follow my religious leader in Indonesia, Mr. Quraish Shihab.

Do you participate in other women groups or communities? What have you seen work in such communities and what was missing for you?

I joined a Parenting Community when I had my second child back then. At that time I had a really hard time "managing" my two kids. When I finally understood children's way of thinking, it got easier over time. That is why Communities are so amazing, to me personally. Because at that time, when I was experiencing hard times parenting my kids, I met other mothers who experienced the same thing. That made me feel relieved... "I am not alone after all" "I am a normal mother after all." Every mother has the same challenges as me.

Why is it important for women to be surrounded by other women and what is the role we play in each other's lives?

Women need to be surrounded by other women. As I have experienced the challenges in my parenting days back then,  I wouldn't have got through that "sad" era so easily, if it was not for the other mothers who supported me without judging. Thank God I am ‘only’ a mother and a wife, a happy one I must say.

What activities could we do so that we master together how to get back our zest, thrive on change, lead with grace and confidence, and co-create the beautiful workplaces we all long for?

We can collaborate locally or globally to create a safe 'house', our place to come 'home' whenever we want to feel accepted. Yeah, just that, feel accepted. And who knows, for the long run, we can even facilitate sessions for other workplaces who want to have the best team for their organizations.

How do you see your role in building this community? And is there anything else you want to add that you think would be helpful for us to know as we are building this community?

I am collaborating with other great women here in the community. We felt connected. We can communicate easily despite the language barrier. And we can definitely create something amazing locally, or globally. As women, if we are together, we are stronger.
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