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Jamila Wilson | Member Spotlight

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Founding Member and Ambassador of Women Heart-to-Heart and a Woman in Tech


Jamila Wilson is from North Carolina, USA. In her spare time, she loves to play basketball🏀.

She also volunteers, travels, and spends time with family.


Jamila is an IT Professional working over 10 years in the IT industry working for big Retailers such as Lowe’s Home Improvement, The North Face, and adidas to name a few.

She currently resides in Germany where she works as a Loss Prevention Analyst for Puma SE.


When it comes to the role of women at work today, what is something you would like to see more of?

I am an aspiring Cybersecurity Professional and I have two strong women mentors in my life who inspire me as I try to transition into this new industry.

Both women have made strides in this competitive industry by leading in or outside their workplaces. One of my mentors owns a successful Cybersecurity business.

My Mentors keep me motivated by contacting me once a month to check on my progress or to offer advice. I think that every person, every women needs this type of Support every day.

What’s one goal you have right now and why is it important to you?

Since 2016, I have lived in Germany and since then I have been trying to master the language. German can be a very difficult language to grasp. Once you learn the business formatting or sentence structures then it becomes quite easy to speak the language. It is my priority to learn the language because I’ve now embraced Germany as my home.

What is one challenge you’ve personally had and how did you try to overcome it?

Before I moved to Germany, I searched Facebook for a welcoming expat community. I found that in HENhaus. It is a great group for expats living in Germany and members of the group provide beneficial advice, questions, or posts.

Who or what is important for you as a woman at work?

For me, it’s not important to be surrounded by women. It’s more important to be surrounded by people who relate to me and are authentic. I think in any work environment, our goal is to be professional. So the real and genuine interactions between women may become lost.

Do you participate in other women groups or communities? What have you seen work in such communities and what was missing for you?

Some activities we can master, could be bi-weekly women „lemonade“ talks.

How do you see your role in building this community? And is there anything else you want to add that you think would be helpful for us to know as we are building this community?

I envision my role for the building of this community as a supportive role. I like helping others spread their vision or initiative if it is for the good of others and not a malicious message.

Be yourself, at least honest and humble.

👧 👵 ️👩🏽👩🏿👳‍♀️ 👩🏾 👩 👩🏼 👱‍♀👩‍🦰 👩‍🦱, apply to join our global women community.

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