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LIVEsciences is based in Switzerland and catalyzes success in different industries worldwide through a network partnership.

They are a team of purpose-driven individuals, passionate about unleashing people’s potential by liberating them from limiting structures and rigid processes. They support their clients to evolve and adapt new ways of working to become more agile, innovative, and impactful. 

They are self-organized and the experience they gather from their own setup enables them to give authentic advice and customized support, enabling their customers to make their own decisions and act as entrepreneurs.

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Evolutesix is an organisational strategy and design consultancy that wants to build an economy that works for all. 

They support individuals, teams, and entire organizations in their thriving in a world of rapidly increasing complexity and change. Their range of programs and business services are aimed at increasing people’s ability to make sense of the world, collaborate more effectively together, and overcome any individual or collective ‘immunity to change'. To learn more about their philosophy, read here about the book "Rebuild: the Economy, Leadership, and You" by Evolutesix's founder Graham Boyd and Jack Reardon 


​Knights of Change is an exclusive knowledge forum for highly experienced and renowned global professionals, consultants, philosophers, and academics to discuss how individuals can become true transpersonal and transformational leaders, and individually and collectively make a difference in their organizations and beyond. Inspired by movements like the Knights of Labor, we strongly believe that a critical mass of evolved business leaders acting from higher motivations can shape a more sustainable future. 

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​​Kinnected is a free, global, whole-health, values-based platform that nurtures and engages all people and all health professionals equitably.

Kinnected empowers you to grow your self-health knowledge and share your solutions in an ethical peer-to-peer setting. Build your health-support community one by one.

Kinnected’s self-care system runs parallel to, and in support of, all other global clinical care systems that are unequipped to engage or nourish their members socially and culturally.

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We are capable of regaining our reverence for life,
of replacing the drive to conquer with the will to cooperate.

Elisabet Sahtouris


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