A Heart-Centered Circle of Trust and Exploration for Women Influencers and Changemakers fostering powerful connections and opportunities for scaling personal impact and influence, provoking conversations which woven together harness the power of our collective intelligence.


Inquirer Benefits (included in the Explorer)

Join a global circle of women who share your deep interests.

Never ever have to fit in in places you've outgrown.

Surround yourself by people who make you better.

Follow and share ideas and engage when inspired.

Retreat from the distractions of Social Media.

Do you need to be with people who share your deep interests, touch your heart and make you better?


Explorer Benefits

Expand your network globally and cultivate powerful allies.

Join stimulating and touching events in your time zone.

Watch exclusive recordings of interactive events on your own time.

Never face challenges or celebrate successes alone.

Direct message to get heartfelt and hands-on advice.

Crowdsource ideas globally to scale your impact locally.

Share your story and expertise to support other women.

Join smaller groups who share the ideas that touch your heart.

What if this is all you need to feel alive and scale your impact?


Margaret J. Wheatley

Relationships are all there is. Everything in the universe only exists because it is in relationship to everything else. Nothing exists in isolation. We have to stop pretending we are individuals that can go it alone.



Live Heart-centered Face-to-Face Interactive Experiences designed to:

Connect you heart-to-heart with women influencers and changemakers

Get you into a dialogue about things that touch your heart and expand your perspectives

Help you connect to your intuition and find support on key for your success and wellbeing matters

Involve you in collaborative co-creation that scales your contribution and impact



Conscious Connections

A heart-centered form of speed dating where we connect heart-to-heart to get to know each other, mingle and network. Being heart-centered means that you will feel at ease to share any question or need that’s on your mind related to the next step of your journey.

WomenH2H - H2HConnect


H2H on Current Events

Live interactive conversations hosted by Diane Danvers Simmons on current events centered around what impacts women NOW. Together, we’ll discover how can we keep our finger on the pulse of what’s going on in the world and get to the heart of current events, mindsets, movements and experiences.

WomenH2H- Heart Matters


Innovation & Impact

A dedicated space hosted by Noha Hefny, Farah Ismail and Lauren Grey Flanagan where we dream up and map out innovative ideas for projects that foster prosperity for stakeholders while also fueling the evolution of our workplaces and the betterment of humanity.

WomenH2H Idea Lab


Systemic Constellations

Our intuition and inspiration tap into our highest form of intelligence and wisdom. Yet, being as busy as we are, we often do not hear the subtle whispers of our hearts. By joining these experiences hosted by Natalia Blagoeva, you will amplify these whispers.

WomenH2H Heart Whispers


H2H on Success & Wellbeing

During these heart-to-heart conversations hosted by Haidi Badawi, you will discuss various topics and share experiences so that you can get to the bottom of one question: Succeeding… Am I on the right track and can I have it all?

WomenH2H - Life Integration


Gen Z & Millennials Meetup

A heart-centered, youthful and playful experience hosted by Kay Rayee addressing the needs of Gen Z and Millennial members, and everyone else who feels young at heart or wants to grow.


Margaret J. Wheatley

It is time to stop waiting for someone to save us. It is time to face the truth of our situation - that we're all in this together, that we all have a voice - and figure out how to mobilize the hearts and minds of everyone in our workplaces and communities.